BetterWorld Partners has joined with PINK Consulting and Sparks of Change to present two free webinars:

Good Intentions, Bad Results Webinar

This personal and professional development webinar is one concrete step towards social justice and equity.  In it, we cover:

  • The #1 pitfall in talking about race
  • The first step to establishing positive cross-racial and intercultural relationships
  • A tool for asking sensitive questions without triggering major offense

How to Rebound When Conversations About Race Go Wrong

Have you ever been blindsided by someone’s reaction to your good intentions? Maybe they were offended, maybe they just had a piece of feedback that surprised you. It can be very unsettling and even feel like an attack on our good character when we learn that our impact was not what we had intended. In this webinar, we’ll explain why it’s so hard to accept criticism, how to slow down your knee jerk reaction and keep the dialogue open for learning. You will learn a simple tool to help you stay in the moment and repair the relationship. As a result of this webinar, you will be able to create more trusting and inclusive relationships that lead to strong and productive teams.

Bold Conversations: Building Intercultural Skills in the Midst of Change and Uncertainty

The world feels upside down right now and yet we still have the same old challenges of difference, racism and prejudice. And maybe even more so! Maybe you are wondering how to be an ally or stand in solidarity with those? Perhaps feeling new tension in old relationships? Overall, you know the importance of reaching across lines of difference and you are yearning for connection.

A 3 Session VIRTUAL Workshop Series 11am-12:30pm on three Fridays:

May 8, 2020 Bold: Explore awareness and assumptions of identities, commonalities and differences
June 5, 2020 Bolder: Deepen engagement across identities and apply the TRI tool
July 10, 2020 Boldest: Focus on recovery and repair with real life examples and apply the VAI tool

When you join Bold Conversations, you will: 

• Find connection through difference, not in spite of it

• Gain powerful insights into the experiences of others around identity, race and culture and

• Learn how to leverage conflict for positive outcomes

When you invest in the series you will position yourself for increased effectiveness because you will be able to layer all the concepts and tools in ALL your interactions closer to real time.

Cost: $79 per session or all 3 sessions for $225

Sessions will be stand alone but highly complementary so you’ll want to join us for all three. Register here: https://pinkconsultingllc.com/bold-conversations.

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  • Nice Isn’t Enough: Strengthen your understanding of white racial identity and the need to dismantle white supremacist systems.