This just in! Check out Nexus Community Partners’ new directory of BIPOC Consultants! Looking for your next rock star consultant? Check it out! Not on the list, but should be? Yep-there is a link for that too. Thank you, Nexus!


  • Beth Zemsky: As a community organizer, educator, organizational leader, and psychotherapist Beth Zemsky comes to her work with a continued commitment to engaging people in learning activities that move them into understanding critical social and cultural issues.
  • Consult Victoria: Victoria Tirrel is a writer, editor, planner, producer, and manager of all things communications. Whether you need help shaping your strategy or any of its various parts—from web content to collateral to film to social media—she’ll put her decades of philanthropy and nonprofit experience to work for you.
  • Creative Catalysts: Amy Batiste is founder and chief catalyst of Creative Catalysts, a growing network of learning, strategy and creative partners for transformative action. Known for her unique blend of design, strategy, organization effectiveness and communications, she is a natural energizer and skilled in leading groups through learning, planning and change. Creative Catalysts is currently working with numerous education institutions, nonprofits, foundations, companies and government agencies on collaborative change—making projects—helping leaders and groups creatively think and act together to achieve greater impact.
  • Designerd: Designerd is a graphic design firm based in Minneapolis, MN, owned and operated by designer Heather Longmore. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Minnesota in Design Communications, and more than 20 years of design experience in various areas, including editorial, production, and marketing. She is freaky about fonts, passionate about paper, crazy over color, and an overall graphics geek­—a true designerd.
  • Lia Writes: You are itching to get the word out: your business, your product, your mission. If only you had the words. Lia will help you convey your message. Reach your target audience. Your story’s worth telling. And the world wants to know.
  • Mission Growth Partners: Cecelia Caspram, Founder/Principal of Mission Growth Partners, is a master’s-level social worker who realized, through her work in nonprofits, that raising funds was the most powerful way she could contribute to the mission-based work about which she cared so much. Individual donor fundraising strategy, planning, and management is her specialty — while she can also help plan and/or execute your well-rounded development strategy, to ensure your organization’s mission can grow and thrive. Working with small organizations, especially those dedicated to education, youth, and/or social justice, is her special passion.
  • Mobius Group: The Mobius Group is ferociously committed to helping nonprofits tell their stories and advance their missions through rock-solid, ACTIONABLE financials, and to supporting the individuals in those organizations who have financial responsibilities.
  • Nawe: Mariah Owens will provide strategic and high-value communication services to meet your business needs. Whether it’s creating a communication strategy, preparing a big speech or writing for grants, Nawe can do it all.
  • So Good Consulting: A boutique event planning firm that specializes in event management and program creation for civic, nonprofit and public sector clients, So Good takes the time to get to know the tastes, needs and preferences of clients so they can design interactive experiences that will showcase your organization.
  • Take|Give Consulting: Take|Give Consulting is a Salesforce consulting firm dedicated to providing excellent database administration and customization services. Whether you have an established Salesforce instance or are looking to move from a legacy database, we can help you improve your processes and maximize the usefulness of your data. We also strive to increase the diversity of the technology space by working with contractors and developers from minority communities whenever possible.


  • Breaking Bread Café: This social enterprise restaurant and catering service in North Minneapolis offers fresh and flavorful global, comfort foods while supporting a social mission and vision. [email protected] | 612-716-9385
  • Lachelle Cunningham: Lachelle’s mission is is to normalize healthy eating and reclaim the narrative around health through the exploration, innovation, and economic development of food culture centered on food history, nutritional healing and social justice… and we can personally attest to how good her food tastes! Contact Lachelle.
  • Rainbow Chinese: Chef and owner Tammy Wong is passionate about her food. You can taste it in her dishes. An icon of Minneapolis’ Eat Street, she’s been creating award-winning dishes for 27 years. [email protected] | 612-870-7084
  • Shirley’s Catering: Shirley Yang’s dishes draw inspiration from regions located on the equator or “belt,” blending the best of Asian, Latin, Mediterranean and classic American cuisines. [email protected]
  • Zamaya Delicious: Chef Robert Taylor’s food is delicious! 612-721-5745


  • Como Park Zoo and ConservatoryThe surrounding natural beauty and spectacular views provide elegant and unique spaces for groups of 20 to 500. 651.487.8250 (gardens and conservatory) or 651-487-8282 (Visitor Center or zoo)
  • Merriam Park Library: The meeting room in the lower level of this great neighborhood library will hold up to 75 people. [email protected] | 651-642-0385
  • Minnesota Humanities Event CenterIts variety of meeting and event spaces can accommodate groups of 5 to 150, including 15 beautifully furnished overnight rooms with private baths. [email protected] | 651-772-4242
  • Minnesota Council on Foundation: Its rental space is great if you don’t mind the single long board table. [email protected] | 612-338-1989
  • McKnight Foundation: With space for up to 65 people, the McKnight Foundation is sited in the historic milling district of Minneapolis and offers stunning views of the Mississippi River. 612-333-4220
  • Silverwood Park: Part of the Three Rivers Park System, Silverwood offers indoor and outdoor spaces for large and small groups. [email protected] | 763-559-6700
  • The Wedge: The Minneapolis coop’s Table Community Room has space for 25 and is free (but parking can be challenge if you start later in day). [email protected] | 612-871-3993


  • In his Ted Talk, Simon Sinek says that people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.
  • Nonprofit with Balls, a weekly blog by Vu Lee, gives voice to the highs and lows of nonprofit management. His insights make us laugh out loud, nod our heads in agreement and start great conversations.