We’re curious, intuitive, and accomplished

As a group, we share a passion for building community and chocolate chip cookies. As individuals, we have diverse experience and personalities. As an organization, we are committed to leading with values. Meet the BetterWorld Partners team.


  • We believe relationships matter
  • We recognize that experience and intuition are valid ways of knowing
  • We honor how people show up
  • We prioritize care for ourselves and others
  • We strive for progress over perfection
  • We are infinitely hopeful


BetterWorld Partners aspires to become an intentional anti-racism organization actively working to dismantle racism that is internalized within each of us and the institutions and systems in which we work. Our intention is to create a space where all people know they are welcomed and valued. BetterWorld recognizes the definition of racism as power + prejudice. We understand that racism can be deliberate but can also be unintentional and unconscious. With that understanding, BetterWorld Partners commits to better comprehending, identifying, discussing and combating racism however it shows up. Through this process, we will discover ways that racism impacts our organization, the organizations with which we work and ourselves as individuals. We believe that becoming an anti-racism organization is an ongoing process that is imperative if we are to be co-creators of a BetterWorld.

Our Team

I think of myself as a flashlight. I can help your organization find its way and focus on where you want to go. I’m committed to working with and for the nonprofit sector — particularly communities of color — at the intersection of what organizations do and how they do them. The organizational development and capacity building work we do intersects with the issues and ideas surrounding healing from trauma, mindfulness and emotional intelligence, intercultural development, and authentic leadership. I’ve been setting the pace and motivating teams since my time at the University of Miami where I was the stroke seat on the Novice Women’s 8 rowing team when we came in second to Navy.

My team members are a talented and diverse group who share my passion for building community. Together we bring decades of experience to meet your needs, including communications, grant writing, strategic planning, intercultural development, authentic leadership, and mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

Professional affiliations: Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, Hispanics in Philanthropy and the National Network of Consultants to Grantmakers.

Reach me at [email protected].

I love working with people from across the ethnic, political, and economic spectrum. I am a bridge builder, able to connect diverse perspectives in various environments and I apply this skill to my work as I build a practice around cultural competency. As a Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), I can help leaders work toward their goals of creating more equitable, effective organizations. My passion for working on cross-cultural projects fits in well with my heart work. I volunteer as a Racial Justice Facilitator with the YWCA Minneapolis and am a member of the Facilitating Racial Equity Collaborative (FREC) and the St. Joan of Arc Catholic Community’s Antiracism Core Group. To raise consciousness about equity issues in education, I am part of an initiative to bring a racial equity lens to my kids’ St. Paul Public School. I am eager to use my experience to support organizations as they tackle some of our community’s toughest problems.
Reach me at [email protected].


I enjoy helping people think bigger about what is possible and then making that vision a reality in order to close the gap between how things are and how it can be better. The way in which I do my work reflects that relationships matter and that curiosity is essential. I understand the value and importance of hard work and careful listening, set high standards for myself and expect those I work with to hold me accountable for delivering high-quality work.
Reach me at [email protected].


Social justice is my personal and professional passion, and I see community building—in all of its forms—as one of the ways I contribute in this area. I’m committed to supporting great organizations doing important work by taking care of the details that can get lost in big picture thinking. My strengths include research, data management and analysis.
Reach me at [email protected].


Storyteller. Strategic communicator. Optimist. I believe passionately in the power of storytelling to change lives, connect communities and spark action. I can help your organization develop and implement an effective, inspiring, engaging content strategy plan that reaches the audiences you need to reach.
Reach me at [email protected].



At BetterWorld we are committed to our community and the issues our employees care about. We support our employees’ investments of time, treasure and talent. During 2017 and 2018, we were proud to personally and professional support:

Ain Dah Yung Center (ADYC)
Coalition of Asian American Leaders (CAAL)
Facilitating Racial Equity Collaborative (FREC)
Headwaters Foundation for Justice
Indigenous Roots Cultural Arts Center
Open World Learning Community
St. Joan of Arc Catholic Community Anti-racism Core Group
St. Paul Public Schools Department of Equity
YWCA Minneapolis Racial Justice program

BetterWorld Partners is a certified Women/Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (WMBE).