Workshops and Coaching

At BetterWorld Partners we believe in continuous learning and growth. That’s why we, coupled with our partners, offer a variety of learning opportunities designed to help individuals and businesses grow and become better communicators, leaders, and change agents.

Our learning opportunities are led by experienced faculty and experts and cover a range of topics, from transformational change-making, hiring, futurism, healing, wellness, and authentic leadership. We promote opportunities that include conceptual information, practice, and building networks to support learning and growth.

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FutureGood Studio

Teaching social sector professionals to apply futurism to predict and shape the future.

Learn at your own pace from philanthropic futurist, Trista Harris. ● Network with other future-focused social sector leaders. ● Deepen your learning with a Mastermind Team.

3-month Programs beginning in January, May, and September


Overwhelmed by the pace of change in your organization and the field? Join FutureGood Studio and learn how to predict and shape the future with a group of changemakers from across the country.

Through a cutting-edge online learning platform, you will learn to create your ideal future with a supportive network of peers.  Based on Trista Harris’s highly-acclaimed book, FutureGood: How to use Futurism to Save the World,  you will learn at your own pace from a series of 12 asynchronous video lessons.  Trista will meet with your cohort each month of the program for a live Q&A to answer your questions.  You will also enjoy hands-on applied learning activities and opportunities to collaborate and network with your own Mastermind Teams and other members of the cohort.

Vision Board Workshop


Time for new beginnings–create a vision board. Tap into the power of your imagination to find greater clarity about your goals and purpose to manifest the life you want to live. You can send the PDF to as many friends as you like. Host a family or friends on zoom and share the experience.

The Vision Board Workshop is a 25-page PDF for $25 that includes instructions, prompting questions and tips for creating a tool to a plan and enrich the next year.

Vision Board Coaching Session


Once you complete the vision board workshop, take the next step and purchase a coaching session at the special price of $100 with Tene to further manifest your vision. This coaching session includes:

  • A 90-minute conversation (via Zoom or phone) to review and discuss your vision board
  • Follow up exercises and readings to help you advance your plans.
  • Access to a network of resources for support.
  • 15% coaching discount for Tene’s coaching packages to help actualize your plan